Transfer Talk with Andy Bitter

The rash of recent transfer announcements has Tech football fans spooked. Like many others, Robbie and Pete have a lot of questions. What's going on inside the program? Is there some underlying issue with the coaching staff? Are these transfers really that big of a deal? Better than asking each other, the guys turned to Andy Bitter of The Athletic in search of answers. Towards the end of the episode, Buzzketball is praised for their historic performance against Syracuse, and the upcoming slate is discussed.

FSU Preview with Andy Bitter

Andy Bitter from The Athletic joins the guys to help preview the opener against Florida State.  Andy's insight on media access, the running game, and our young defense provides the backdrop for a matchup full of unknowns.  As you would expect, Pete and Robbie share their reasons for optimism, despite a talent discrepancy, and finish the pod with their first picks segment of the year.  College football season is finally here.  Let's go, Hokies!